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A true story of sacrifice and honor
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Thank you, clients and friends, for allowing this community association law firm to exceed the boundaries of what some consider to be "traditional" legal practice, and into the realm of the exceptional. 

Here at JC Fuller, PA, we are able to not only meet the financial needs of our Association clients with collection and mortgage foreclosure work; governing document creation, amendment, enforcement and review; and land use matters; we are also blessed to address unique and special circumstances of everyday community living. 

And sometimes this can mean death.  

On the occasion of the death of a homeowner within one of the JC Fuller, PA represented communities, we were notified that the decedent was indigent with two (2) purple hearts. 

He had no family and only a few friends within the community. 

His remains had been taken to be buried as an unknown indigent.   And then we learned something wonderful about Kenny.  He was a renowned jazz drummer and played with Johnny Nash and is heard on the soundtrack "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone".  

The Firm was blessed to be able to reach out to our contacts and provide this Viet Nam Veteran with a proper burial with honors. Kenneth Mead was buried on May 13, 2011. 

The funeral was attended by a large contingent of the Nam Knights and Patriot Guard. 

I was bestowed the distinct honor of receiving the Flag which will forever be displayed in honor of all of our Veterans here at the firm. This was truly a life-changing event for me.

Feel free to enjoy the video about this wonderful journey.  

May 13, 2011
November 10, 2010 
Maitland Avenue BBQ 
to benefit: New Hope for Kids
Three years ago, we decided as a law firm to sponsor a child in Honduras with the World Vision organization. We set up our sponsorship to automatically be charged on a law firm credit account, and to automatically renew. We announced our child shortly thereafter to all of our clients and friends. I framed Berly's picture and hung it on the wall here at the firm. Every day that I come into the office, I look at her picture and experience a great sense of satisfaction and worth that we are able to help, in some small way, one innocent hungry child.

And life moved along.

Recently, I received an updated picture and report on Berly. She is now 5 years old and is in Kindergarten. Berly's favorite time of year is Christmas Eve. Her favorite toy is a doll and on Sunday she likes to go to church. We are planning to do something special for her at the firm.

Funny, how an auto-payment each month of a nominal amount over the years that is hardly noticed by the firm, can mean so much to the recipient.

I would like to personally challenge each reader to find ways to reach out in our community and in our world in whatever ways you can. Life has a tendency to move forward at a rapid pace.

Its wonderful to look back on one thing and feel good about the impact that a minimal action has had on a well deserving person. 

I think it gives life meaning.

                                                        Berly then:

                                                           Berly now:

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November 3, 2011
Maitland Avenue BBQ 
to benefit: New Hope for Kids
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It is our distinct honor for Joyce Fuller to be a member of the Board of Directors for the Christian Service Center. The Christian Service Center is dedicated to feeding the hungry and helping those in need within our local Central Florida community. Last year we started the Love Pantry which is a program dedicated to feeding our hungry children.  

The Program started in several local schools and is now expanding. Christian Service Center installs food cabinets in the cooperating schools and then stocks those cabinets with food that children can take home. If you want to learn more about this program I urge you to take a moment and watch the video by clicking on the Love Pantry logo .

PLEASE consider the privilege of giving and participating in this effort. Our children need us.

Thank you.

-Joyce Fuller